Our Company

Focal Point Audio Technology is a newly formed company. It follows on the heels of our prior company Precision Analog Systems, manufacturers of the highly acclaimed MPA-100 Microphone Preamplifier. The MPA-100 was used on hundreds of movie scores and many Hollywwod ADR and Foley stages. The MPA-2 is the next generation of high resolution analog products incorporating full digital control. We strive to develop cutting edge tools for the recording and music industries so the end user has a pure and soniclly pleasing end product. We have over 40 years of experience in the professional audio recording and motion picture industries. As we add new products on to our site these will be developed with input from users of professional audio equipment with many years of experience. We want to develop products that the end users want not what we think would be a great product. This design approach lends itself to a very high quality piece of equipment that you will own for many years.